When it comes to Adelaide Speedo & Gauge Service, there's nothing we can't turn our hand to! Over the last 25 years in Adelaide, our company has worked on a wide variety of instruments, across an equally broad range of vehicles!

Today, Adelaide Speedo & Gauge Service can help with:

  • Fuel gauge
  • Temperature gauge
  • Tachometer
  • Car clocks, including quartz and mechanical clocks
  • Speedometer
  • Fuel sender

    If you need something repaired, replaced or recalibrated, we have everything we need to do the work. Whatever you drive, let our mechanics restore it for you. We even specialise in both veteran and vintage models.

    Not only will we get the work done, but we also offer a friendly service as well. Your vehicle is often your pride and joy, so we treat it with as much care and respect as you do.

    adelaide speedo and gauge service motorbike speedo

    VB Brock Commodore

    An early model, these Commodores (VB-VL) were well regarded for odometer failures, as well as intermittent operations. While we'll never know how many kilometres (it currently shows over 200,000km) this vehicle has done, it's good to see such an old treasure being restored. Hopefully this should keep it from being stored away in a garage!

    British Motorcycles

    A fan favourite here at Adelaide Speedo & Gauge Service, we stock a broad range of parts for various British Motorcycles. This includes dials, bezels, and various internal parts. We generally find that the chronometric speedo and tacho movements are sturdy and durable, yet even the most robust mechanical device will need a service one in a while. Done right, a well-serviced device can last a lifetime, so it is worth getting the work done if you value your motorcycle.

    MG 1954 YT Tacho/Clock

    Many Australians have grown a passion for restoring British and American vehicles – such as the MG's Austin Healeys – and this has attracted a large following amongst motoring enthusiasts. We specialise in vintage models, so we can take care of the speedos and gauge requirements of these vehicles. Unlike other imported products, we only use high quality components and cables to repair your devices.

    Recent projects

    More recently, we've helped repair and service:

    • CE Lancer with an intermittent speedometer
    • NM Pajero with an erratic temperature gauge
    • 100 Land Cruiser with an intermittent speedometer
    • 300 Z Z31 with an inoperable odometer
    • Y60 Patrol with an erratic speedo
    • VB Brock with a faulty odometer, temperature gauge and regulator
    • HJ-Z, in need of a quartz clock conversion

    When it comes to internal gauges and devices, we know what we're doing! Whether you drive a car, motorcycle or something else, we're more than happy to help fine-tune those all-important devices!

    To book a service or for more details on your specific vehicle, call 0417 627 282 and speak to our local experts today!

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